Be seeing you.
Ares' last words to John Wick in sign language.

Ares is the mute right-hand woman of the Italian crime lord Santino D'Antonio, for whom she works as both a bodyguard and an assassin. She is the secondary antagonist and one of the primary opponents of John Wick during the events of John Wick: Chapter 2.


Events of John Wick: Chapter 2

Recruiting of John Wick

Ares accompanies Santino when he goes to John Wick's house to use his favor. She stares down John the whole time.

The following day, when John comes to see Santino to find out what his mission was, Ares pats him down to make sure he wasn't carrying any weapons before he can go through, and takes the opportunity to grope him.

After John successfully completes Santino's favor, killing Santino's sister, Gianna D'Antonio, Ares leads a group of henchmen to kill John, wanting to tie up any loose ends. However, Wick kills most of them and escapes.

Hunting down the Boogieman

Ares meets John back at the Continental Hotel soon after, and makes the motions for "Be seeing you" in sign language. When Wick goes to get revenge on Santino at an art exhibit, Ares and several of her henchmen go to stop him.

After getting Santino away from harm, Ares stays behind to try and finish John for good. She embusques the man in the "Reflections of the Soul" exhibit, armed with a gun and a knife. The two fight and, despite seeming to have the upper hand, John is able to incapacitate her by stabbing her chest. As she lay dying, Ares once again motioned "Be seeing you".

Skills and Abilities

Throughout the events of Chapter 2, Ares was built up as a mute figure of looming danger, following John's every move and ordering around squads of Santino's henchmen.

Her unfaltering loyalty to Santino was displayed at the museum, where she stayed behind to handle John and allow Santino to escape.

However, though bold enough to challenge him in hand-to-hand combat, she proved to be no match and was ultimately defeated and left for dead after a rather short fight, stabbed through the chest with her own push dagger.